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(James Abrahart, Michael Pollack, Mike Sabath, Tayla Parx)

Been so good at forgetting you
Almost forgot I was working on forgetting you
Suddenly it’s like the world has been working against me
Already know you aint going believe me

But both my hands they were occupied
There was no way to grab by phone get you on the line
Baby I already know you ain’t gonna believe me
But believe me

I didn’t mean to pocket dial you, again
But baby since I picket dialed you, how you’ve been?
It’s been some time since I’ve heard your voice
I didn’t mean to call but you had a choice
To pick it up when I pocket dialed you, again

Yeah my heart seen better days
Seems like our love just popped right in then went away yeah
Now all I have is these old text messages and pictures
No I’m not saying I miss you

Because I didn’t mean to pocket dial you, again
But baby since I picket dialed you, how you’ve been?
It’s been some time since I’ve heard your voice
I didn’t mean to call but you had a choice
To pick it up when I pocket dialed you, again

I didn’t mean to do it
I didn’t mean to do it
I didn’t mean to do it do it do it do it yeah
I didn’t mean to do it
I didn’t mean to do it
I didn’t mean to do it do it do it do it yeah

I didn’t mean to pocket dial you, again
But baby since I picket dialed you, how you’ve been?
It’s been some time since I’ve heard your voice
I didn’t mean to call but you had a choice
To pick it up when I pocket dialed you, again

Starring: Maria Dia, Celine Hummelmose, Oliver Schwencke and Oscar Jerichau
Director: Adam Holm
Producer & Lead Editor: Daniel Manicus
DOP: Marius Aaserud
1st AC: Louis Jablonski
Colorist: Phillip Jacques
Production company: Blonde Media
Music video by Marcus & Martinus performing Pocket Dial. (C) 2019 Sony Music Entertainment Norway AS


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  • Charmaine Bernard
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